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Top Reasons Why Our Buena Vista Cabins Are a Better Value Than a Hotel

Why you should vacation in Buffalo Peaks cabins in Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista is one of the best places to vacation in Colorado. With a population of fewer than 5,000 people and all-year-long activities, you are bound to be thoroughly entertained in this city. The collegiate mountains of Buena Vista, Colorado stretch several miles forming a nice backdrop for the lovers of kayaking and white water rafting in the 100 miles long Arkansas River. There are mountains to scale, a canyon to explore and hot springs to nurse yourself after a day full of activities. A trip to Buena Vista Colorado is never complete without the company of friends and family. Here at Buffalo Peaks lodge, we have the right vacation cabins for you to enjoy all that Buena Vista has to offer. This post will show you why our Buena Vista vacation cabin is better than a hotel room.

Why Buena Vista Cabins Are Better Value Than a Hotel

Buffalo Peaks cabins in Buena Vista Colorado are peaceful and quiet

Buffalo Peaks vacation cabin rentals in Buena Vista, Colorado, come in different sizes, named after the mountain peaks. Whether traveling as a family or group of friends, you will get somewhere peaceful enough for your little getaway. There are no cars honking or city lights bickering. With a minimum stay of 2 or 3 days, depending on the season, you can rest assured nobody will be dragging their feet around your door or knocking for room service. Our cleaning times are flexible, and you do not need to check out and check in again as long as you have notified the reception about your length of stay. Enjoy your quiet room in the company of people you care about, not with other noisy hotel guests or distractions from hotel staff.

Clean rooms and amazing decor

Where can you get clean rooms for a family vacation in 2021? Definitely not a hotel room. Hotel workers are usually busy taking care of many guests. At Buffalo Springs resort in Buena Vista Colorado, we give you personalized service and ensure all bedding is sparkling clean every day.

Our resort is as comfortable as home

Home is the only place to have a lounge, deck, separate seating area, and a bedroom. But here at Buffalo Peaks resort in Buena Vista, Colorado, we offer all this and more. We like to ensure that you enjoy the same comfort you have at home while on vacation. One of our vacation cabins even has a stone fireplace to give you a great bush experience!

In addition, we have decorated each rental cabin in Buena Vista Colorado, just like home; there is no room for the sterile hotel environment. You will be sitting on your loft or deck that overlooks the peaks of Mt. Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, or the Sleeping Indian Mountain. The only thing you see when you open the curtains is a boring parking lot in a hotel.

All our guests have a date with nature

Our log beds remind you of the forest outside and nature surrounding you in Buena Vista, Colorado. A product of the forest, it is comfortable and all our beddings feature the free-roaming wildlife outside. When you stand at the balcony, it is a deer or antelope that you see. In a hotel, this is a luxury you cannot afford. You have to travel outside the comfort of your hotel room to enjoy such sceneries, not forgetting the chance to watch stars in the beautiful night sky that overlooks your vacation cabin with smiles from above.

Homely environment and picturesque surroundings

How do you like your photos? A forest here, deer there, a group of friends enjoying their kayaking trip … the choices are limitless in our Buena Vista lodge. Our rentals do not limit how much you can do. Whether you want those pictures at the deck, by the fireplace inside your cabin, or out in the natural spa, we have plenty of attractions that reflect different themes. You will always want to look at your Buena Vista Colorado vacation photos when you use our rentals. In a hotel, you will only have the reception, bed, and corridors to capture and who wants such a boring vacation?

There is space and privacy

In Buena Vista Colorado, there is plenty of forest land, a lake, a valley, and in the middle of it all, there is Buffalo Peaks lodge and resort! Space is not limited in the mountain. Our resort sits at the center of all this beauty of the Buena Vista Colorado peaks, giving you ample space to move around and do whatever you love doing on vacation. And the cherry on top of it all is that nobody will bother you or disrupt your peace. Whatever you want to do with your time, you can always do it in the privacy of your cabin.

Hotel rooms are getting smaller and smaller, and you will not have the luxury of having a whole lounge all by yourself. With people moving out of the tired hotel décor into friendlier options in a cabin, you will enjoy the privacy of a cabin. Our Buenos Vista cabins can accommodate up to 6 close friends or family members traveling together for a vacation.

Plenty of outdoor activities for every guest

Our resort in Buena Vista Colorado is surrounded by the hike-able mountain peaks, waterfront access for water games and kayaking, a beautiful night sky for star watching with your loved one, and a doorway to plenty of thrilling outdoor activities. When you open your cabin door, you can walk into the Arkansas River for white water rafting, the hot springs for a relaxing bath, the canyon and mountain trails for a walk, the mountains for the best hiking experience, wildlife for sightseeing opportunities, and more! No hotel will give you this as the city is limited in terms of outdoor activities and attractions.

Ready for your next trip? Call Buffalo Peaks for available offers

If you are looking for great offers on accommodation during your trip to Buena Vista Colorado in 2021, we got you covered. We have several cabins, lodge rooms, and the best breakfast for everyone coming with you. We shall also help you find the right outdoor activities, including hiking for your team, natural hot spring spa, not forgetting the great lodging options. Call our phone number, 719-395-3313, or make reservations online today.


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