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Fun Things to Do in Buena Vista, CO

Located in Central Colorado (Chaffee County), just about halfway between Salida and Leadville in the Upper Arkansas River Valley, is Buena Vista, Colorado. Although the town has less than 3,000 residents, it is well known for its many activities throughout the entire year. Whether it is the winter months or summer months, visitors can always find something fun and adventurous to do when booking a trip to Buena Vista.

Indoor and many outdoor activities are plentiful, so you can rest assured that you will never be bored. At Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, CO, our hospitality team is happy to share some of our favorite tourist destinations and all of the exciting adventures that await you. From the Buena Vista Heritage Museum to the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area and everywhere in between, we know that you will certainly find a wide variety of places to go and activities in which to participate.

Fun Things to Do in Buena Vista, CO - Buffalo Peaks Lodge

Go Whitewater Rafting on the Arkansas River

Whenever you visit Buena Vista, you will be mesmerized by its beautiful scenery and exciting rafting opportunities. Anyone who loves adventures on the water will enjoy participating in one of the various whitewater rafting trips available along the Arkansas River.

Whether you are an experienced whitewater rafter and an excellent swimmer or want an exciting time on the Arkansas River, there are whitewater rafting trips for most people, including at the Buena Vista Whitewater Park.

Some trips even include a trip through Browns Canyon so that you can enjoy the national monument in addition to amazing views of the snow-capped Collegiate Peaks. You do not want to miss rapids with names like Canyon Doors, Zoom Flume, and Seidel’s Suckhole!

Spend Some Time at Browns Canyon National Monument

If you are a fan of everything outdoors, then Browns Canyon is the right place for you! It is stretched between Buena Vista and Salida and provides the best, most amazing views of the Sawatch Mountain Range of the Rocky Mountains and the Upper Arkansas Valley.

One of the most popular activities in the National Mountain is whitewater rafting. Still, there are also a wide variety of activities that everyone can participate in, especially to enjoy all of the stunning scenery. There is excellent mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking trails, rock climbing, nature watching, photo opportunities, stargazing, and even some options for overnight trips in primitive camping situations.

Ride the Legendary Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain biking in Buena Vista is legendary and well-known by everyone in the mountain biking community. The trails are great for biking enthusiasts of all experience levels, and everyone will be able to enjoy the stunning views from the Arkansas River and collegiate peaks.

If you are planning to ride only one trail while you are here, we highly recommend the Monarch Crest Trail. One route, the Marshall Pass Road, is easier and is a dirt two-lane historic railroad grade. The technical Green’s Creek trail is perfect for those who are more experienced and want to challenge themselves with difficulty and elevation gain.

Get Out on the Hiking Trails

For views of stunning scenery and great hiking for all levels and ages, the Buena Vista River Park has everything you could need. You can even find a trailhead right at the end of Main Street in Buena Vista, Colorado.

On the Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway, there are a wide variety of hiking opportunities in addition to mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, camping, mountaineering, soaking in the hot springs, and cross-country skiing.

From the trails, you will be able to take in the beauty of the Sawatch Mountains, Arkansas River, best-preserved ghost towns (who would not love to explore a real ghost town like Saint Elmo Ghost Town!), ranch land, creeks, and various hot springs.

Relax in the Hot Springs

One of the best ways to relax is to enjoy the warmth and comfort of natural hot springs. Whether you want to warm up before a trek or to stretch out after a long day of hiking, rafting, or biking, the hot springs of Buena Vista, Colorado, are perfect. With pool temperatures between 94°F and 110°F, soaking is an ideal activity.

Check Out Historic Downtown Buena Vista

Suppose you are looking for some indoor activities where you can explore and learn about the town of Buena Vista, Colorado. In that case, you can visit the Buena Vista Heritage Museum, numerous ghost towns like Vicksburg throughout Chaffee County, the historic downtown, and the Jumpin’s Good Goat Dairy. No matter where your interests lie, there will certainly be something for everyone to see and enjoy in Buena Vista, CO.

Make a Reservation At Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, CO

With all of the fantastic activities available to visitors in Buena Vista, Colorado, they will certainly need a lovely place to rest and unwind before starting their next day’s adventures. One of the most beautiful lodging locations in the town is Buffalo Peaks Lodge.

At Buffalo Peaks Lodge, our hotel staff is dedicated to creating a unique experience for our guests. We strive to bring the elegance of nature into the rooms and cabins available to tourists. Our hotel has a wide variety of accommodations that are sure to delight anyone who visits us.

Buffalo Peaks Lodge has several lodging options, including rooms named after local mountain peaks and two vacation rental cabins. Our room options include Mt. Oxford, Mt. Princeton, Mt. Columbia, Mt. Yale, and Mt. Harvard. Each of these rooms consists of a complimentary breakfast while both cabins have full kitchens, so you are free to cook anything you would like to feel at home. If you are planning an exciting trip to Buena Vista, Colorado, to enjoy any of the numerous activities awaiting you here, be sure to contact Buffalo Peaks Lodge to make a reservation for one of our rooms or vacation cabins. Call now to book!


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