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Forget the Tourist Traps, Make Your Next Vacation a Sightseeing Adventure

Go to Las Vegas, they said. Go to Disney Land, they said. You’ll have a blast, they said.

Well, turns out the only way to have a good time in Las Vegas is to have a near-unlimited budget. And going to Disney World is somehow even more expensive and has longer lines, too. The next time you plan a vacation — whether it’s an intimate romantic vacation or a getaway for the whole family — consider visiting a location with a small town atmosphere.

You’ve Done the Tourist Traps. Now, It’s Time To Go Exploring…

While it’s fun to visit the cliche tourist spots like Alcatraz or the Statue of Liberty, some of the most memorable vacations are the ones that take you into uncharted territory. No, we don’t mean you should go crashing through the jungle with a machete until you catch malaria. Instead, why not explore a historic town with a famous small town atmosphere, gorgeous mountain views, and family friendly attractions?

Buena Vista: Home To the Most 14ers in the Rocky Mountains!

When you run Buena Vista CO lodging like we do, it’s easy to take the incredible views for granted. Actually, that’s a lie, some things never get old. But the Colorado Rocky Mountains aren’t just pretty to look at, they’re also great for exploring.

Hike up 10 of the most beautiful 14,000 foot mountains in the world, or drive right up to the top for the most memorable selfie of your life (or just leave the phone at the hotel). Lucky for us, when we aren’t running our bed and breakfast, the San Isabel National Forest is just minutes away. It’s a 1,109,782 acre forest full of stunning views, fresh mountain air, and wildlife like moose, deer, foxes, elks, and even bears! Not only that, but it also offers easy access to the 148-mile long Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.

Ghost Towns, Hot Springs, Skiing, and Historic Buena Vista Attractions

Buena Vista is a small town of just 5,000 people. It was built in 1879 at an elevation of 7,954 feet, and its name means Beautiful View. But while our quiet mountain town may have been founded as a 19th century mining center, now it’s the place Colorado natives go to get away during the winter. The surrounding mountains are all named after elite universities, but our Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale are slightly easier to get into.

From our Buena Vista CO lodging, you can visit world famous natural odorless hot springs. In fact, there are many Buena Vista hot springs to visit, from spas to family friendly parks. Plus, you can go explore St. Elmo, a historic ghost town that’s an exciting detour for any Colorado vacation.

And we haven’t even mentioned the white water rafting, golfing, backpacking, winter sports, and snow mobile trails.

If you’re looking for a vacation you’ll never forget, then leave the tourist traps behind. With affordable accommodations, bed and breakfasts, and a small town atmosphere, Buena Vista is the perfect place to have a sightseeing adventure.


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