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Pro Tips for Staying at Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, Colorado

If you and your family are looking for a getaway that puts the digital world and the hectic life of the city on hold, you have found an oasis at Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, Colorado. When you arrive at our lodge, you will be greeted by the majesty and beauty of the great outdoors, and you will be treated to the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer.

Tips for Staying at Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, CO

At Buffalo Peaks Lodge, our hotel is focused on providing guests of all ages a step away from their everyday lives so that they can enjoy the elegance of natural charm and relaxation. Our hotel has a variety of room and cabin options, and we are happy to direct you to many of the best western outdoor adventures that await you in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Why Stay at the Best Lodge in Buena Vista, Colorado?

The town of Buena Vista, Colorado, has many hotel accommodations to choose from, but Buffalo Peaks Lodge is certainly considered one of the top choices. We have something for everyone, and we work tirelessly to ensure that each member of the family has a wonderful stay with us.

At Buffalo Peaks Lodge, the natural beauty of Mother Nature is just a few steps away. Looking into the night sky provides you an opportunity for stargazing that you would rarely get in the big city. Our hotel boasts some of the best rooms at reasonable prices, and we are sure that you would agree that staying at Buffalo Peaks Lodge is the right choice when visiting Buena Vista, Colorado.

How to Decide between the Buena Vista Hotels

If you are just planning your trip to Buena Vista, Colorado, you may find yourself with a decision to make when it comes to lodging. Other hotels are in the area, and you may even find an inn around town as well. However, none of these other Buena Vista hotels can live up to the reputation of Buffalo Peaks Lodge.

We provide a unique lodging experience unmatched by other Buena Vista hotels, and the outstanding views, as well as fun attractions in the immediate area, will undoubtedly have you and your family planning a return trip to the area very soon. From the Cottonwood Hot Springs to whitewater rafting and many other activities, there is an adventure waiting around every corner.

Tips for an Incredible Stay at Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, Colorado

Guests at Buffalo Peaks Lodge will be treated to a wide variety of activities and things to do while staying at our hotel. If you are planning on reserving one of our lodging options, consider these top tips before you book:

Be Sure to Pick the Room that Best Suits Your Needs

Our hotel in Buena Vista, Colorado, has several lodging rooms as well as vacation rentals. Each one has certain features to it that may be better for specific guests rather than others. The lodging rooms at Buffalo Peaks Lodge include:

  • Mt. Oxford Room – good for couples

  • Mt. Princeton Room – great for a family of 4

  • Mt. Columbia – perfect for a 3 personal group

  • Mt. Yale Room – great for a family of 4

  • Mt. Harvard Room – good for couples

Each of these has certain aspects to it that may be better suited for families, couples, or even large groups. We also have two vacation rental cabins – The Log Cabin Rental and the Arkansas Cabin Rental – that will provide you a totally different outdoor experience than the lodging rooms. These are also great for groups of 5 (Arkansas) or 6 (Log Cabin) since you have the whole cabin and property to yourself.

Be sure to check the specific lodging room or cabin features before you decide to book one for your next vacation.

Breakfast Is Covered in the Hotel’s Lodging Rooms

One of the great aspects of staying at one of the hotel lodging rooms is that breakfast is included in the reservation of any of the rooms. You have no need to worry about starting your adventure day on an empty stomach when you stay in the hotel because we are sure you will enjoy our breakfast offerings.

The vacation cabin rentals do not include breakfast as part of the reservation, but because they are a home away from home, you are provided with a full kitchen with utensils and even a gas BBQ grille in the Log Cabin. You can bring food from home or pick up something in the town to make a home-cooked meal in the cabin.

Both cabins and lodging rooms have free Wi-Fi and reasonable prices for your whole family.

Get Ready for Outdoor Fun

When it comes to outdoor activities in Buena Vista, Colorado, you will not be disappointed. No matter what time of year you decide to visit us, there will be fun and excitement just around the corner for every type of group or solo adventurer. Some of the most interesting things to do include:

  • 4-wheeling

  • Hot Springs – Cottonwood Hot Springs, Mount Princeton Hot Springs, Salida Hot Springs Pool

  • Fishing with a Guide

  • Golfing

  • Hiking

  • Horseback Riding

  • Guided Snowmobiling

  • Whitewater Rafting

  • Riding the Leadville Train

There is definitely something for everyone in Buena Vista, Colorado!

Bring the Right Clothes…and Lots of Them

As you have seen, there are so many different activities to enjoy when you visit Buena Vista, Colorado, and stay at Buffalo Peaks Lodge. We highly recommend that you plan for the activities that you most want to participate in and bring plenty of clothes which are appropriate for those activities. You never know when you might need a spare pair of snow pants for more snowmobiling or another polo shirt for an unexpected extra round of golf!

Contact Us to Make a Reservation at Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, Colorado

If you are planning to visit Buena Vista, Colorado, in the near future, consider being our guests at Buffalo Peaks Lodge. We have plenty of amenities designed to suit the needs of all parties, and we are sure that you will enjoy the various activities in and around the area.

Contact us today to find out why we are the premier bed and breakfast lodge in Buena Vista and to make a reservation for you and your entire party. We can’t wait to see you soon!


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