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How to Select the Right Hotel in Buena Vista, CO, to Make Your Next Vacation Unforgettable

Buffalo Peaks Lodge

Whether you are looking for a romantic couples getaway, a fun family vacation spot, or a weekend retreat with friends, it is important that you find the best possible hotel in Buena Vista, Colorado, for your vacation needs. Having a comfortable place to relax and rest up between adventures is an essential part of vacationing, and Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, CO, is the perfect property to help you enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

At Buffalo Peaks Lodge, we have 1 suite and 3 rooms located in the Lodge, and all those who stay in the Lodge will be provided breakfast. We also have a vacation cabin rental with all of the luxuries you may need on your trip to make it feel like your home away from home. But how do you know if this is the right place for you to spend the night? These are the best ways to know how that you have found the right one among many Buena Vista hotels for your whole party:

Know Your Destination – We Hope It’s Buena Vista

When it comes to choosing your vacation destination and hotels, Buena Vista, CO, is a location with plenty of adventures simply waiting to be undertaken. If you and your family or friends are looking for an amazing destination with plenty of outdoor excitement, you will probably not be thrilled with just another amusement park or a typical day at the beach. You may be far more interested in a location that boasts small town charm with wild ride adventure around every corner.

In Buena Vista, there are opportunities waiting for those who love hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting among the mountains, horseback riding, and fishing. In Browns Canyon National Monument, there are 21,500 acres of canyons, rivers, and woodland, and the canyon was carved by the Arkansas River. Located along the Arkansas River is the Buena Vista Whitewater Park and is perfect for all skill levels. And for those who love a good drive through the beautiful scenery, the Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway provides 57 miles of wilderness from Salida to Granite, including mountains such as Mount Princeton and Mount Yale (you will notice those names in our lodge rooms at Buffalo Peaks Lodge).

In order to fully embrace all of the fun activities awaiting you in Buena Vista, Colorado, you will want to find Buena Vista hotels with accommodations for your adventurous lifestyle. You could visit Best Western Vista Inn or Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn, but you will not find the same kind of Bed & Breakfast experience at those Buena Vista hotels as you will at Buffalo Peaks Lodge.

Think Outside the Box in Buena Vista, Colorado

While many people are accustomed to hotels with a certain average nightly price and a few amenities and maybe a free cancellation policy, the best hotels are the ones with accommodations for everything you may need during your stay in Buena Vista, CO. At Buffalo Peaks Lodge, we understand that our guests have come to Buena Vista, Colorado, to enjoy the beauty of nature all around us, to explore all of the outdoor activities, and to reset from their hectic lives, and we strive to provide customers with every opportunity to do just that.

Each room in the Lodge offers a unique experience and all the comforts of home. That is what the best hotels should do – make you feel at home even when you are far from your house. Comfortable, rustic charm comes with each room, and our goal at Buffalo Peaks Lodge is to stand apart from other hotels or a motel at which travelers may choose to stay in Buena Vista. Our Lodge is one of the most unique places you will find in the Colorado area.

Consider Necessary Amenities and the Price

From the moment you walk into our Lodge, our guests will be welcomed and provided the comforts of rustic living. Your stay in Buena Vista will be truly unique when you stay at Buffalo Peaks Lodge. When our guests arrive, they will be offered complimentary welcome treats and one beverage from the wet bar. Guests may choose to enjoy them in front of the fireplace, on the deck, or anywhere on our tree-covered property. A complimentary and delicious high country breakfast is also served to all guests staying at the Lodge.

Depending on your preferences, each of our rooms offers a variety of amenities that will suit the needs of our travelers. The Mt. Oxford Room is a luxurious master suite with a queen bed, stone fireplace, two-person corner Jacuzzi hot tub and two-person walk-in rain shower. For a romantic getaway, you simply cannot go wrong.

If you are traveling with children or among friends, you may be interested in the Mt. Princeton Room which has a king bed and twin size bunk beds. You can enjoy the shared deck with mountain views as well as the fun safari-themed décor. The Mt. Columbia and Mt. Yale rooms are also perfect for 3 or 4 person occupancy, respectively, and are warm and inviting for all members of your party.

No matter which room you stay in or if you rent the Cabin at Buffalo Peaks Lodge in Buena Vista, CO, you will have all of the necessary amenities of home and maybe a few you never knew you needed.

Contact Our Buena Vista Hotel for Lodging Availability

If you and your family or friends are in search of a getaway that is unlike anything else in the region, join the many other happy adventurers who have had an awesome time exploring all of the interesting sights and activities of Buena Vista. And when you are considering options for places to stay in the area, consider looking into the availability of and booking the Buffalo Peaks Lodge and Cabin.

We are, of course, happy to provide you any of the details you may need about our B&B, and we cannot wait to see you when you visit. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in the tranquility and beauty of nature in Buena Vista, especially when you stay at Buffalo Peaks Lodge.

We can also recommend restaurants to try, spa or hot springs options, give you prices of various activities in town, and offer directions to other locations to visit such as Crested Butte or spots on the Arkansas River. Call us today to make your reservations!

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