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4 Ways Natural Odorless Hot Springs Can Make You Feel Healthier, Happier, and Younger

We all know that the legendary “fountain of youth” is just a myth, right?

But did you know that there is a place right here in the United States that has naturally occurring restorative properties? Natural odorless hot springs can leave you feeling healthier, more relaxed, and years younger. They have actually been used for their medical benefits for thousands of years, and here’s why.

Women Relaxing Hot Springs Buena Vista Colorado

Four Health Benefits of a Natural Hot Spring

  1. Improves Healing The water found in natural odorless hot springs is full of unfiltered minerals like calcium and sodium bicarbonate, which promote healing. As you immerse your body in these waters, your skin absorbs the minerals while the heat increases circulation of oxygen and nutrients, delivering them to the rest of your body through the blood vessels.

  2. Reduces Stress Many serious health conditions are worsened by unhealthy stress levels, and Americans are more stressed out than ever. The solution? Treat yourself by relaxing in a naturally occurring hot spring, you can lower your stress level and gain a more balanced outlook on life. Taking a dip in a hot spring also relieves the tension that builds up in the body, just like a massage (only without all those greasy oils). Many people have found that relieving tension this way allows them to sleep better and longer.

  3. Relieves Pain Several things happen to your body when you are immersed in the waters of a hot spring that lead to pain relief. The buoyancy takes some pressure off of your joints, thus reducing discomfort caused by Fibromyalgia or arthritis. The naturally occurring warmth soothes your muscles, easing symptoms related to chronic muscle tension. Finally, the full body relaxation experienced can relieve the pain associated with migraines and tension headaches.

  4. Clears Skin Conditions The minerals that exist in natural odorless hot springs are known to treat a variety of skin conditions. The high silica content, for instance, soothes dry patches, leaving skin smooth and moisturized. The water also contains a high level of sulfur (but without that nasty rotten egg smell!), which has been used for centuries to treat maladies like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The warmth of the hot spring opens and invigorates the skin’s pores, acting as a natural exfoliant.

These naturally occurring hot springs can be found in the picturesque mountains of Colorado. Buena Vista, meaning “Beautiful View,” is a community in central Colorado with a population of less than 5,000. The area is aptly named, as the gorgeous mountain views are the perfect backdrop to the heavenly hot springs that attract nature-lovers from around the globe.

Once you feel relaxed and rejuvenated from your dip in the hot springs, check out all of the other exciting attractions the Colorado community has to offer. The Arkansas River runs along the eastern edge of Buena Vista, providing over 100-miles of whitewater rafting fun.

The summer is almost over but there’s still time to book a last minute vacation! Go online to check out affordable accommodations and room discounts available in Buena Vista.


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