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6 Ways To Make Your Instagram Followers Jealous In Buena Vista This Summer

If you’re looking for Buena Vista CO lodging this summer, then you might have a general idea of what you plan to do on your Rocky Mountain adventure. After years of running our bed and breakfast in Buena Vista, we’ve learned all the best places to visit while the days are still long. So where are the best places to take photos that are sure to make all your Instagram and social media followers green with envy?

Autumn Colors, Pine Valley, Collegiate Peaks Wilderness

Buena Vista was founded in 1879, and the town’s name means “Beautiful View.” Check out some of our favorite beautiful views by visiting:

  1. St. Elmo’s Ghost Town Sure, you could post another picture of your kale and quinoa salad, or you could share exciting photos from your exploration of Colorado’s best-preserved ghost town, just 30 minutes from Buena Vista. This abandoned mining town is a registered historic site, and a huge draw with Rocky Mountain explorers.

  2. More 14ers Than Anywhere Else Meaning no offense to the Appalachians, but sometimes southern visitors suffer from peak envy after checking out the towering summits of the Rocky Mountains. If you book Buena Vista lodging or hotels for your Colorado vacation, then you’re coming to the county with more than 10 14,000 foot peaks, more than anywhere else. But you don’t have to be a hardcore climber to hit the summit; many of these mountains have easily accessible trails and roads that will take you right up to the top.

  3. Wildlife While hotels and lodging in Buena Vista might attract families, skiers, and tourists, the natural environment of the area is home to animals like fox, elk, deer, moose, and even bears!

  4. Main Street, USA Buena Vista has been a Rocky Mountain destination for more than 120 years, and you can pose for selfies and group photos in front of buildings constructed as early as the 1880s.

  5. San Isabel National Forest After you’ve hit the peaks, check out some of the more than 700 miles of backpacking trails in this gorgeous woodland retreat. Spend the day immersed in the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and be back at your Buena Vista lodging in minutes.

  6. The Arkansas River Along the eastern edge of Buena Vista, you’ll find the Arkansas River, which provides more than 100 miles of rapids for whitewater rafting. While we can’t recommend taking your phone out on the river, most whitewater rafting outfits will provide photos of the adventure. Post them online and make your friends’ poolside selfies look downright lazy


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