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Why Mountain Views Are Better Than Crowded Beaches

Fit woman standing on alpine trail enjoying mountain valley view

While vacations can be great for relaxing away from the stresses of everyday life, one of the greatest parts about traveling is to experience places you have never seen before. Sometimes the most memorable activities you will do on a trip are seeing incredible views that will forever be stuck in your mind.

To find the most breathtaking views, your best chance is to climb to the peak of mountains so you can see for miles. But where will you find the most breathtaking mountain views?

Some locales are renowned for their mountainous terrain and beautiful landscaping. Buena Vista in Colorado, for example, is extremely popular for its hiking trails and scenic views. In fact, when the city was founded in 1879, it was immediately dubbed Buena Vista which means, “Beautiful View.”

The city holds more than 10 mountain peaks, all reaching 14,000 feet tall. This includes mounts Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and Columbia.

While other parts of Colorado may have their own gorgeous mountain views, the small town atmosphere of Buena Vista offers a much more secluded experience away from the hustle and bustle of cities like Denver. The community in central Colorado has a population of just under 5,000 people. Not to mention you definitely won’t have to worry about finding hotels in a smaller town.

Mountain hikes are a perfect vacation activity because anyone can participate. Individuals and experienced hikers can head out on their own and visit as many peaks as they can in a day, while families can take their time enjoying the experience and their time together. Even dogs can come along and might even be more excited than you are.

Before you go sit on a crowded beach all day, consider searching for mountain views that you will never forget.


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